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  • Aug
    • Return of The Legends: Hong Kong Esports & Music Festival

      On August 4, Hong Kong held host to its first major esports event "The Return of the Legends". Former League of Legends pro-players and world champions returning to the international stage once again for a showdown at the Hong Kong Coliseum. These iconic e-sports athletes have been invited from across the world to compete in an epic battle to be crowned best of the best.

      Players have been split into 3 teams from multiple regions:
      Team Europe - kev1n, yellowpete, xPeke, Cyanide, Lamia
      Team Mainland China - CaoMei, Ruo, Misaya, WeiXiao, Fzzf
      Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau - Stanley, Lillballz, Toyz, GodJJ, MiSTak

      The result of the first semi-final Return of the Legends eSports Competition: Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau VS Team Europe, 2:1, Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau won after a 3hr15mins long match. Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau will compete with the winner of the second semi-final competition of Team Mainland China VS North America in the final competition.

      The weekend long event culminated in a Music Festival highlighted by various K-Pop stars, a cosplay competition and many other activities.